Prebook Date:01/03/2012
 Street Date01/31/2012
 Run Time:115 Min.
 CatalogMTI 2161
Hunted by Night
In the Florida Everglades, three men on a hunting trip find bales of drugs just dropped from an airplane. The men must decide whether to be law-abiding citizens and report the drugs or take the drugs and sell them for millions of dollars. Their decisions will take them on spine-tingling confrontations with drug dealers who both outnumber... and outgun them.
DVD:MTI 2161 DVDUPC # 039414521610


Jencarlos Canela
Un Deseo Y Una Moto, Más sabe el diablo, Doña Barbara, Pecados Ajenos

Juan C. Bofill
Miami Vice, Reno 911: Miami, The Substitute

Al Galvez
Snakes on a Train, I Love Miami, Bait

Sonya Smith
Pecados Ajenos, María Celeste, Cyxork 7

Seth Gordon
Love and Debate, Co-Ed Confidential

Gabriel Porras
Under the Same Moon, Prisonera, Donde esta Elisa?

SPECIAL DVD FEATURES: English and Spanish Subtitles for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing (SDH), 16:9 Widescreen Format, 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound, Director's Commentary, Interviews with Jencarlos Canela and Juan C. Bofill and Trailers