Prebook Date:09/03/2013
 Street Date10/01/2013
 Run Time:93 Minutes
 CatalogMTI 2185
 Rating:Not Rated
Amanda Crew stars as Leigh Parrish, a successful actress on a trip home to visit her small town roots. While dodging the careful eye of her manager (Dustin Milligan), Leigh steps out from the lights and cameras and into the shadows of her old life, confronting her unsavory past and ex-employer, Maurice (Kim Coates).
DVD:DVD MTI 2185UPC # 039414521856


Amanda Crew
Sex Drive, Charlie St. Cloud

Kim Coates
“Sons of Anarchy,” Black Hawk Down

Dustin Milligan
“90210,” Slither

Michael Eklund
The Call, The Divide

Katie Boland
The Master, Daydream Nation

SPECIAL DVD FEATURES: Closed Captioned, Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, 16:9 Widescreen Format, 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound and Trailers